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Back Channel Conversations

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What is a “Backchannel Communication”?

“A backchannel communication is a secondary conversation that takes place at the same time as a conference session, lecture, or instructor-led learning activity.” Educause 2010

What is the goal?

The goal of a backchannel conversation is to give students a place to participate without being in the limelight, without possibly disturbing the lecture. Beyond this in class goal students have participated outside of the class, extending the conversation.

Backchannel Conversation in practice: The Twitter Experiment.

How do you create backchannel conversation?

  • Use Twitter or Google Moderator (I prefer Twitter).

  • Set a “Twitter Wall” to run live, during class.

  • Define hashtag to be used for class, i.e. #EKUIDC.

  • Instruct students on “How to participate”.

  • You can choose what is valid to respond to.

Online Course Development and Teaching Certificate Program

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The Office of e-Campus Learning is offering a Certificate Program in Online Course Development and Teaching. Having studied a number of quality professional development and training programs and researched best practices, The Instructional Development Center (IDC) has developed a professional development certificate program designed to encourage and support best practices in online teaching. This is a rigorous 8-week program that will require high levels of engagement and participation, with the goal of facilitating the use of best practices by faculty in online course development and teaching. The program will provide a hybrid format with four required face-to-face meetings, along with online course work each week.

Faculty interested in participating should complete the short application. For more information please see the full program description.

IDC Mission

The Center operates under the Office of E-Campus Learning, whose focus is development of online programs. Our goal is to support faculty in the development of instruction using best practice methodology.